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Effective pigment removal methods.
Complications of Permanent Makeup
correction methods.
We made a conference for everyone:
  • Masters of Permanent Makeup
  • Beauticians
  • Medical workers
  • PM and tattoo removal masters
  • Beautiful business owners
  • Newcomers to the industry
Distance learning is more in demand than ever
  • Agree: there wasn't even time to read.
  • Clients, work, instagram, advertising, search, clients ...
  • The reboot time has come.
  • It is time to be filled with new knowledge and skills.
Topics to be addressed at the conference
  • The body's immune system and its response to permanent makeup, tattoo and pigment removal
  • Safe removal of pigment in the eyelids. Complications and consequences. Practical removal experience.
  • The alphabet of safe pigmentology. The chemical composition of the pigments. Hazardous ingredients. How the composition affects the excretion process and what the choice of removal methodology depends on.

  • Contraindications to the procedure of permanent makeup and tattoo removal.
    First aid for complications. We analyze specific cases.
  • Promotion of permanent makeup and pigment removal services. The look of a marketer.
  • Complications after permanent makeup, correction methods.
  • How to sell the removal service through the permanent makeup procedure. Pigment removal experience.
  • The use of the biochemical system CRC Tatoo Remover I + II to remove permanent makeup and tattoos
  • Wartan Libaridian, R.Ph, PH.D
    President of Cosmoceutical Research Center, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Tatyana Kleyman
    Russia Moscow
    Dermatologist -- cosmetologist, international CRC trainer, head of the Successful People Center

  • Svetlana Paserba
    Russia Moscow
    Biochemist, International CRC Trainer
  • Svetlana Kokareva
    Russia, Khabarovsk
    ophthalmologist, head doctor of the "Vision" clinic
  • Julia Kulesh
    Russia, Barnaul
    Doctor dermatologist - cosmetologist, master of PM and art tattooing, technical expert of the CSC of PM masters
  • Alexander Zhurov
    Russia Moscow
    Beauty industry marketer, communications expert
  • Elena Nagdimaeva
    Israel, Netanya
    Head of the permanent makeup school. Instructor CRC Tatoo Remover I + II and Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Anastasia Krasnova
    Russia, Chekhov
    Doctor therapist, cardiologist. First Aid Teacher.
  • Anna Morozova
    Russia, St.Peterburg
    Head of the permanent makeup school, instructor CRC Tatoo Remover I + II
  • Tumisha Saralapova
    France Paris
    Head of the school of microblading and permanent makeup. Instructor CRC TATOO REMOVER I + II
  • Anastasia Spiridonova
    Russia, Samara
    Head of the permanent makeup school, instructor CRC Tatoo Remover I + II
  • Zarema Valieva
    Russia, Dagestan
    Head of the school of permanent makeup, instructor CRC Tatoo Remover I + II. Expert of CSC in the field of PM, a member of the International League of PM Professionals.
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