The body's immune system and its response to permanent makeup, tattoo and pigment removal
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The immune response is the reaction of the body's immune system, induced by an antigen, already recognized as foreign, and aimed at removing it.

Every master at least once in his practice is faced with a complication of the client, either for permanent makeup or for removal.
Moreover, this complication can develop immediately, or it can be delayed.
And all because the pigment for our body is a foreign substance that the immune system tries to recognize and neutralize.
Course author
Svetlana Paserba
Biochemist, International CRC Trainer
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Imagine that our body is a fortress, protected from all sides. And this fortress is attacked every day by billions of all kinds of harmful microorganisms. And the task of the defenders of our fortress is to prevent them from entering the body. So these defenders are part of a huge immune system - a specialized system of organs and cells that provide our immunity.
What happens to the pigment when it enters our body? And six months later? Year? Where does it lie? What is the role of the immune and lymphatic systems in relation to foreign matter, which includes pigment.
Why does a tattoo or permanent make-up fade over time, "spread" or change its color? What happens to pigments when exposed to sunlight? To what new compounds does the pigment decompose under ultraviolet light or under the action of a laser?
The effect of stress on immunity has been proven by many studies. Stress is a certain state of the body that is a reaction to a powerful external stimulus. The factors that provoke stress are life-threatening for every person. The next danger for our body is allergy - a process expressed by the hypersensitivity of the body's immune system when exposed to an allergen.
At the moment when there is an active trauma to the skin, and even the introduction of a foreign substance, all the forces of the immune system are thrown into it to regenerate the damaged skin and to remove this substance from the skin. And here the virus "dormant" in the body until now, having lost control of the immune system, begins to actively multiply. And we see various kinds of complications, for example, herpes...
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