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Formation "The chemical composition of pigments. Hazardous ingredients. How the composition affects the excretion process and what determines the choice of removal method."
  • What are pigment manufacturers silent or not talking about?
  • What is the likelihood of death after using mercury in permanent makeup?
  • How many pigments with hazardous ingredients in the world today?
  • What pigments does the remover take, what kind of laser?
  • How to avoid adverse consequences for the client?
  • And a lot of other vital information that is not on the Internet.
      PROGRAM OF THE Seminar
      PROGRAM OF THE Seminar
      • Organic and inorganic pigments.
      • Analysis of the ingredients.
      • Hazardous ingredients, methods for eliminating complications.
      • What to do with it?
      • What you need to pay attention to.
      • Parsing Your Pigments
      • Answers to questions from students
      Tatyana Kleyman
      Seminar author
      Doctor dermatologist - cosmetologist,
      CRC international trainer
      Successful People Center
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